Sometimes data needs to be physically transported safely and with multiple security measures when traditional methods of sending that data over network aren’t an option because of costs, security concerns or speed.

Many big players have already launched their own implementation of data transport units with one crucial limitation – they can only be used for their own clouds and nothing else:

AWS Snowball

AWS Snowball

Google Transfer Appliance

Google Transfer Appliance

Microsoft Azure Data box

Microsoft Azure Data box


The Ultrastar Serv24-A storage server provides up to 184TB of solid-state storage in a rugged, tamper-evident case. With dual Intel® Xeon® CPUs and high-performance SSDs, data ingest, and transfer is fast and efficient. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry and the available wheeled transit case provides even greater protection.

High Density

Up to 184TB raw capacity
in a 2U aluminum enclosure

High Performance

All Flash storage, Onboard dual 10GBase-T
and dual 10G SFP+ networking.


Lightweight tamper-evident server
with available ruggedized,
wheeled transit case

Security Features

Secure Erase, Trusted Platform Module,
AES-256 SSD encryption options available,

Serviceability restricted by design.

Brand options

For your brand’s wider visibility our
solution can easily be whitelabled
to reflect your brand’s image.

This includes a laser engraving
on the sides, rear ports marking
and case branding.


  • Datacenters
  • Enterprise Customers
  • Public Cloud Providers
  • System integrators providing data transport and seeding services


Cloud Migration

Large scale migrations in and out of cloud. Ultrastar Serv24-A Storage Server dramatically improves migration speed as being more cost-effective compared to transferring data over the Internet.
Disaster Recovery


There are many steps involved to decommissioning a datacenter to make sure valuable data is not lost. Ultrastar Serv24-A Storage Server can help ensure that your data is securely and cost-effectively transferred to your infrastructure during this process
Content Distribution


Use Ultrastar Serv24-A Storage Servers if you regularly receive or need to share large volumes of data with clients, customers, or business associates.
Ultrastar Serv24-A Storage Servers can be sent directly from your cloud or on-premise infrastructure to client or customer sites for safe data transfers.
This can also include transporting dailies from a media-production to post-production; seismic data from exploration rig-to-shore; sensitive battlefield data to base.
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Fast retrieval of a large volume of data stored in your cloud – Ultrastar Serv24-A Storage Server helps retrieve the data much quicker than high-speed Internet